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May 8
“But the trickle-down economics central to wealth creation is only effective if benefits accrue to every stratum of society”

'I make £120,000 but I can’t recall the last time we went out for dinner’ - Telegraph

Sometimes I wonder if the Telegraph is just trolling.

Apr 21

Mar 23

Mar 19

Mar 2
“But what hasn’t been communicated well is how those who are truly invested in the future of Bitcoin remain totally confident”

What’s Not Being Said About Bitcoin | TechCrunch

It will all be fine because the believers believe!

Jan 25

Jan 24
“The Government’s broad approach to resilience is to ensure that effective cross cutting capabilities and business continuity arrangements are in place to underpin the response to a disruptive challenge, irrespective of its cause.”

Solar Events: 23 Jan 2014: Hansard Written Answers - TheyWorkForYou

We have spares.

Jan 10

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